We are an offshoot of the Hot Springs Village Men's Nine Hole Golf League.

You must be a current MGA9 League member and have a valid League handicap to play with us.    

See the Wild Bunch Rules (specifically the Qualification section) located on this page for additional instructions.   

If your name appears on the WB Handicap Directory you are eligible to play.

                        Wild Bunch Rules 

                             ↑read the rules  

WILD BUNCH SIGN UP                       
        WB 10-30 Coronado
               Sign up closes 10-27 at 5PM

               WB 11-01 Balboa
               Sign up closes  10-28 at 5PM

              WB 11-06 Coronado 
                Sign up closes 11-03 at 5PM

              WB11-08 Granada
              Sign up closes 11-04 at 5PM

              WB 11-13 Cortez
              Sign up closes 11-10 at 5PM

              WB 11-15 Isabella/Nina
              Sign up closes 11-11 at 5PM    

If you need to cancel AFTER the close out and the pairing has been posted please contact person listed below.   
Al Houck, dolphingolfer@sbcglobal.net   or                      
Jack Sandlin, jacksandlin@localnet.com                                               
WRITE NAMES ON SCORE CARDS!  Cards without full names are impossible to score.  

SIGN UP VERIFICATION AND CHANGE:  Look at the bottom of the sign up page for the "View current signups".  Click on the button and you will be able to see if you have signed up.  If  you have misspelled your name cancel the listing and do it over.  If you have signed up and selected early or late and wish to change you need to go to the upper right corner where it says "Remove your signup" - remove the sign up and start over again.