MGA9 Board Minutes 


Minutes 21-5-18    (Explored different options to replace our soon to be obsolete golf software.  Two options were the 1) Golfsoftware program and 2) the POA's Total E system.  After a lengthy discussion a program was approved and funded.  Discussed a new member orientation with approval to place information on the website.  Also, discussed the 2021 Cancer Crush program.  The Wild Bunch will sponsor the program.)

Minutes 21-4-6     (Cut off date to sign up for tournaments, new rule on eligibility to play with MGA9, new member orientation.)

Minutes 21-3-9     (Prize money increase.  Starter/Scorer realignments.  Change to the Rules and General Instructions.)

Minutes 21-2- 2     (Board member positions assigned. New members recruitment.  Communication issues.)

Minutes 20-11-5    (Weekly prize money discussed.  Changes to the Rules and General Instructions. Off-site golf tournament.)